How to Maximize Your Oral Care at Home

As you find yourself spending lots of time at home, it’s essential not to forget about your oral health. We want to share some great tips to keep in mind as you care for your teeth while at home.

1. Floss, Floss, Floss!

Often, we find ourselves forgetting to floss on a daily basis. It’s extremely important to floss at least once a day in order to eliminate food residue that toothbrushes can’t always get to. A great tip to keep in mind during your at-home dental routine is to floss before going to bed to eliminate up to 50% more germs than usual!

2. Learn How to Brush Properly

Although it might sound silly, many people are surprised to find out that they haven’t been brushing their teeth properly. You can find many videos online showcasing what areas to spend longer brushing. They can also teach you how to properly brush different areas of your mouth while also learning how to be effective yet gentle when brushing your teeth.

3. Avoid Unhealthy Snacks

While spending time at home, avoid consuming excessive amounts of unhealthy and sugary foods. These foods will taste amazing at the moment but can negatively affect your oral hygiene and result in cavities, pain, and tooth deteriorating.

4. Tongue Test

Something you can easily and quickly add to your routine is an at-home tongue examination once or twice a week. It’s pretty easy; simply run your tongue around your teeth and check for smoothness. If you notice any slight bumps, encounter food residue, or experience any sort of pain, this indicates that you should visit your dentist soon.

5. Hydrate!

Drinking lots of water does not only contribute to your physical health and increases energy levels, but it helps reduce the appearance of germs and cleans tooth decay.

Come see us after your time at home and treat yourself to great dental care. Happy gums and happy teeth mean happy smiles for years to come! Contact us today.


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