How To Choose a Dentist That’s Right For You? 

Are you looking for a new dentist? There are lots of reasons why someone may be looking for a new dental provider. Perhaps it’s a new job or a change in insurance, or you’re just tired of your current dental home. Finding a new dentist, one which you are truly happy with, can be a difficult and challenging process. Listed below are some tips on how to find your next dentist.

Do Your Research:

Research is key when it comes to choosing a new dentist.

  1. Ask around. Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about their dental experience. If you’re new to the city, reviews may also be a great way to gauge a dental office.
  2. Check out the office’s website and social media presence. In this day and age, if an office does not have an active website or on social media- it might mean that the office is not accepting new patients. Or that the owner dentist is starting to decrease his/her patient load.
  3. If possible, research the dentist that you will be seeing. Are they active in the dental community? Do they belong to dental associations, like the American Dental Association or Texas Dental Association? Do they have a treatment philosophy or focus? Not every dentist will be a great match for every person.

Ask Questions:

Once you narrow down the field, there are some important questions to consider.

  1. Are they in-network or out-of-network with my insurance?
  2. What are their options if I don’t have insurance?
  3. Do they have evening or weekend appointments?
  4. What procedures are done in-office vs referred out?
  5. How long is a new patient appointment?
  6. Will I be getting the same Dentist at each appointment?

Decisions, Decisions:

Once everything starts to match up, all you need now is to reserve your appointment and walk through the doors of your new dental home! When you do, look around and gauge how you feel. Did the dental team make you feel welcome? Does the office look updated and modern? We hope, since you’ve done your research and asked all the right questions, that the answer is “Yes!”.


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