Restoring your Smile with Dentures

Have you lost some or all of your teeth? Gum disease, tooth decay, or trauma can cause loss of teeth. There’s a big chance you or someone you know is missing teeth. Around 36 million Americans do not have any teeth, and that 120 million people are missing at least 1 or more teeth. One easy option to restore a smile is a denture.

How Dentures Help 

Getting dentures can help restore your smile and can be made to strongly resemble natural teeth to avoid differences in your appearance. At Elevate Dental, we work in collaboration with American labs to create a beautiful, custom smile. Implants can also be used in conjunction with dentures for added stability and strength.

Types of Dentures: 

As with all things, a good denture requires multiple appointments and some patience. For a good fit, some adjustments need to be made during and after your delivery appointment.

  • Conventional dentures are made to be fully removable and placed into your mouth after all teeth have been removed and the tissue has healed. This procedure can take several months. 
  • Immediate dentures are removable and inserted the same day your teeth have been fully removed. While you won’t be without teeth during the healing period, you may have to get them relined or remade after your jaw has healed. 
  • Overdentures are primarily used for partial restoration and can help preserve the jawbone which provides stability and support for the denture. The overdenture fits over some of the remaining teeth after they have been prepared by the dentist.

3 Tips for Caring for your Dentures 

Even with dentures, maintaining good oral hygiene practices is important to keep your smile bright. 
  • Rinse your dentures before brushing to remove any loose food or debris
  • Brush all surfaces of the dentures with a soft-bristle toothbrush and non-abrasive cleanser to avoid scratching
  • Whenever you take your dentures out, make sure they are placed safely in water to prevent warping 
Thinking about getting dentures and unsure where to start? Give us a call or book an appointment with our team to find the right solution for your smile.
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