How to Talk to Your Kids About Dental Health

Taking care of your oral health isn’t reserved for just adults! Caring for your mouth and all of its components is just as, if not more, important for kids. Let’s take a look at a few ways to approach starting the conversation with your kids about oral health.

  • Work oral hygiene into their daily routine.

We all know that kids tend to thrive when sticking to a set daily routine. When they can expect that each morning and night comes with a tooth brushing and flossing, then they’re less likely to put up a fight.

  • Keep up to date on dental cleanings and procedures.

We strongly recommend keeping up to date with dental cleanings and fluoride treatments at least twice a year, especially for your kiddos. No insurance? No problem! We offer in-house financing and membership programs that make pediatric dental care affordable and easy.

  • Make dental hygiene fun!

Amazon’s Alexa, and other home automation systems, have several features that help make tooth brushing time easier for kiddos. Simply tell Alexa to start whatever program you choose at tooth time and she’ll play jokes, riddles and entertainment while kids brush for the recommended two-minutes.

  • Have encouraging conversations about brushing and flossing.

When it comes to going to the dentist and taking care of oral health, it is likely that your kids will have some questions. Oftentimes, kids are curious about what instruments are used when we clean their teeth or even about the benefit of going to the dentist. Whether it be the classic Why does this matter? or more in depth questions, your kids may be curious about every detail.

Talking to your kids about dental hygiene and care can not only help reduce dental anxiety tremendously, but it also feeds curiosity and helps sustain productive dental habits. At Elevate, we provide pediatric, adolescent and adult dental services alike. Get in touch with us to book your fall appointment, here

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