Reviving Your Smile with Dental Implants

Much like dentures, bridges and dental crowns, implants are a viable option for those looking to revive the health and appearance of their smile. Implants are a durable option and may bet placed the same day that an old tooth is removed. Let’s take a closer look at an implant. 

It’s commonly known that a natural tooth grows from a root in your gums. An implant is just that – a man made root built to mimic the way a tooth naturally grows and looks. Take a look at the diagram below. You’ll notice that on the surface, both the dental implant and natural tooth look identical.

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It’s important to note that implants feel, look and act like your regular teeth! So whether you’re experiencing damaged teeth or having to put up a fight with dentures, dental implants are an excellent way to restore your smile. An implant will also help you eat better, speak better, and overall help maintain your facial structure. 

The Process

Thinking about implants? After a comprehensive examination of the overall mouth, a precise plan is made for you. Depending on the site, the implant may be placed immediately or after healing. After proper healing and bone osseointegration, the final crown will be placed. This whole process may take several months, but after a bit of healing – you’ll be good to go!

Healing and the Finished Product

After you have your implants, you have a dependable, long lasting tooth replacement. Expect your healing process to vary, but it’s likely that you’ll experience some tenderness, swelling and/or slight bruising. Don’t be alarmed, this all just comes with the territory.

At Elevate, we do everything that we can to ensure the comfort of our patients – no matter what type of treatment they’re undergoing. If you’re looking to revive your smile with custom dental implants, reach out to us at to get your consultation scheduled!

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